Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Fan

I had the pleasure of attending the Love Is Murder Conference this past weekend in Chicago. Great conerence with plenty of readers, writers, and drinking.
The workshops panels were enlightening and fun and I learned so much.
The book sales went well and there were many new faces in attendance.
But all things considered, the prize moment came unexpectedly.

To my pleasant surprise, as I set up my latest book on the table where I'd be sitting on a panel on writing paranormal, a woman came up, very excited, asking when the next book would be out because she coulnd't wait! She said this in a room full of people, (for this I could hug her).

Wow! How awesome is that? It's the kind of thing you pray for as a writer and trust me you can't buy that kind of publicity. So to you Valaney, I thank you! The moment is forever etched into my heart and mind.

I'm convinced that writing conferences are essential to the writer. The boozing, the schmoozing, the chance to meet my one and only fan...who could ask for more? But they're more than that, they teach the craft, writers gain insights into promotion, and did I mention the hotel had three bars? All that aside, I'd like to thank the folks who put on Love Is Murder for their hard work and dedication.

And in case anyone would like to sign up as my number two fan, the spot is available. But in order to better serve that position, might I suggest that you buy and read all of my books?
And don't forget that the second book in the Frost Sister Mystery Series comes out in Feb 2010.
I'm sure Valaney won't!



  1. Woohoo! You get the prize. I owe ya a drink!
    Thanks for the vote!